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To arrest stagnating membership, Audubon launches plans for massive corporate fund raising scheme to build 1000 new facilities...support to chapters to be slashed ... activists ponder disaffiliation. Discussed are: conflicts between: board and chapters; activist and non-activist chapters; education and advocacy; is NAS to become an advocacy-adverse clone of The Nature Conservancy? Alternative ways Audubon can grow yet retain its historical role as premier advocate for the environment. These essays have circulated among Audubon Activists. (Read #8 if you are too busy to read them all.)

  1. 1/31/99 - Should NAS adopt a public lands policy of No Commercial Logging - "Zero Cut"?
    NAS should adopt a policy of Zero Cut, (no commercial logging) on public lands. It is a good policy and would attract many new activists to Audubon.

  2. 2/28/00 - 7 Questions about NAS's membership problems.
    Increasing Audubon membership requires examining the reasons why it is stagnating. Solutions proposed to date will not be effective.

  3. 4/10/00 - Is Massachusetts Audubon a good model for NAS?
    NAS wants to use Massachusetts Audubon's refuge network as a model to help it expand membership, but has drawn erroneous conclusions from the Mass. experience.

  4. 7/2/00 - Activism/Education; a false dichotomy for Chapters?
    Which is the best strategy for doing environmentalism - Education or confrontation?

  5. 7/14/00 - A New Charter for Audubon Chapters.
    Many Audubon chapters now complain about Audubon's slide into "corporate-friendly" environmentalism - this is a proposed statement of principles and values for Audubon's chapters.

  6. 7/17/00 - Is Enviro Education less divisive than activism?
    Audubon Chapters who prefer doing "education" to activism because it is less controversial, are usually doing neither.

  7. 7/24/00 - Worrisome trends in The National Audubon Society.
    Audubon Chapters worry that national Audubon has embarked on a corporate friendly path.

  8. 8/15/00 - NAS Plans & conflicts of interest.
    NAS's reorganization plan will undermine local chapter activism and create a perplexing array of conflicts of interest.

  9. 8/28/00 - Disaffiliating from NAS - some considerations.
    Some chapters have reached the point where they think it is time for chapters to abandon NAS affiliation.

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