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The Town Who Loved Ambulances - A Modern Fable
How a town became economically dependent on one industry, then through economic development, diversified!

Writers Guidelines For The Urban Progressive Magazine
A progressive magazine announces new guidelines for its writers and editors after receiving the results of a poll.

Is Zero Cut for Wimps?
The scientific case for no logging on National Forests - beyond Zero Cut to "Super Zero".

We Must Petition The Lords With Prayer
A "fill in the blanks" petition, in proper legal form, used in medieval times, for subjects to "petition" lords. Useful when American citzen's access to courts, judges and all legal processes is suspended by Congressional Appropriations "riders".

A Woodsman's Lexicography
Uncommon definitions of common words often encountered in forest and forestry matters.

06/09 A Hungry Ghost Story
The ecological damage from clearcutting is widely documented, but what about the spiritual effects of this destruction on practitioners?

06/09 A Closer Look at Shooting, Shoveling and Shutting Up
A close look at the fallacious argument that  if you try to seriously enforce laws to protect endangered species, rural ranchers and others will quietly kill them and thus you will end up with less of what you are trying to protect.

06/09 Top Censored Stories of the Last 25 Years
Some years ago I wrote a piece giving my candidates for the most censored stories of the last 25 years; it got published in papers all over the country; but the most important item somehow disappeared in the editing! Here is the original version of the piece.

06/09 Proposed Questions for a Turing Test
50 years ago Alan Turing created a test to determine when computers became as smart as people. He said if we posed the same questions to a computer and a person and could not tell from the answer which was which, then computers would essentially have become as smart as people. Below are questions that an average person could answer but a computer could‘t

06/09 Jonah, Patron Saint of Grassroots Activists
That Jonah was swallowed by a whale is well known; but less well known is how he ended up in there or what happened to him after he got out. Those parts of his story make Jonah the patron saint of grassroots activists.

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