We Must Petition The Lords With Prayer
by Jim Britell

If conservatives ever extinguish citizen's rights to appeal government decisions, as they would like, forest activists will be returned to approximately the status of serfs in medieval times, who, while they may have had few formal legal rights, did enjoy the right of direct personal petitions to the King in case of gross injustice.

Citizens are assured that the right to petition was secured explicitly by the Articles of Commons, assented to by Henry IV, and confirmed by the Bill of Rights of 1689. Since America's legal code is based on English Common Law, ancient rights of petition may survive intact to the present day.


A Model Petition

begin petition.

Most honorable Royal Woodsman: the most dutiful and loyal subjects, of the commons of the United States and the County of (insert name of county) do most humbly beseech you in the name of almighty God to forsake your most wretched and fearful scheme to deforest the lands in the neighborhood of (insert name of town or village).

Deliver us from the ruination of our Spiritual places and the homes of many and divers fishes and other creatures. Stay your hand from this most vile and villainous course and show us your mercy. In God's name we pray for your justice and the stopping of cutting of (insert legal name of timber sale).

Nulli vendemus, nulli negabimus aut differemus, rectum vel justitiam
(25 Edw.I.c.29)

I am, your humble petitioner:

(Insert legal name)

end petition.

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