Rules For People Who Work For Insecure Egotistical Jerks

These rules were learned the hard way. You can follow them while you spend your free time looking for another job:

  • If you don't have a boss or if your boss doesn't tell you what to do, figure out what a good boss (if you had one) would tell you to do, and then do that.
  • Never reveal your true opinions about your bosses's management style even if you are asked under situations which might lead you to believe that honest feedback is really sought.
  • Never overestimate the intelligence, knowledge or integrity of your supervisors.
  • When under interrogation ask yourself is my boss gathering information or ammunition.
  • If you have an issue so important that you must bring it to the top person in the organization, approach that person directly. Intermediaries grind their own axes coming and going
  • If your written appraisal is poor, your boss thinks your work is poor, no matter what is said.
  • Don't allow your self to be physically segregated from the rest of the staff.
  • Once a day, every day do someone a favor.
  • The core goal of junk-bosses is to surround themselves with subordinates who will ratify their self image.
  • When you shoot at a king don't merely wound him.
  • Choose your next job on the basis of which job has a supervisor that can teach you the most.
  • Carefully observe when your boss is talking to strangers about subjects that you understand but the stranger doesn't. This will teach you useful body language clues that accompany dissembling and lying. Then you will know when they are being used on you.
  • Beware jobs that keep you too long on an adrenaline rush.
  • Always remember that life is too important to take seriously.

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