For newly forming Grassroots groups

  • Advise new groups on how to form and become organized
    • should you go for non-profit status
    • pitfalls and advantages of affiliating with other groups, or
    • remaining independent
  • Beginning your relationships with the press
  • Developing your message and creating an identity
  • Identifying the minimum skills your new group will need
  • Forming your first board
  • Finding your start up funding, how much money will you really need, where can you find it
  • Creating and maintaining a positive political climate in your area
  • Effectively combating disinformation and bad press

Launching and maintaining effective environmental campaigns

  • What do you do when the first bad timber sale, mine, or other horrible has come to your town.
  • The most common pitfalls that campaigns run into
  • Researching your opposition and scoping the problem
  • Establishing community based campaigns
  • Selecting and implementing sound strategies
  • Writing and distributing effective alerts and calls to action that move people to action
  • Establishing a strong political and organizational base for your campaign
  • Holding on to your “wins” after you get them