– Model Grassroots Grant Application

I actually sent the grant application below to three foundations and although it did not generate a grant, I heard it provoked a spirited discussion at one.

If you have to deal with foundations remember these two rules:
Grants, 1st rule of. People only write checks to buy things.
Grants, 2nd rule of. Foundations don’t fund anti-corporate campaigns for the same reason monks don’t dissolve monasteries. (Devils Environmental Dictionary)

To: W.A. Jones Foundation
From: BSN
Re: Possible funding opportunity

You are probably aware that each year the Britell Support Network (BSN) selects a few foundations who have demonstrated a strong continuing commitment to the environmental movement to participate in funding Mr. Britell’s activities for the coming year. Of course, there is always keen competition to award these grants and we often cannot accommodate every foundation who wishes to participate. But you will be happy to know that W.A Jones is being given serious consideration to be selected as one of the potential grantees for the fiscal 97 cycle.

If you would like your organization to be considered for participation you should send a grant application package to BSN c/o Jim Britell P.O. Box 1349 Port Orford Oregon 97465. Please note the following:

  1. Your package must be received in our office by 5/15 to be considered, postmarks will not be considered.
  2. Any attachments over three pages will be disregarded by the review committee.
  3. Grants are generally limited to $8000 in any 12-month period from any one funder.
  4. Grants are a one-time award and usually not renewable except in exceptional situations where the grantee can clearly demonstrate a compelling need to make subsequent awards.
  5. The total grants which may be accepted by the BSN in any one year is limited to $20,000.

Good luck to you and your foundation, and please be assured that if you are not selected for this funding cycle it should not be taken as any criticism of the fine work you are doing.

The committee looks forward to hearing from you.

We will inform you, in writing, of our decision no later than 6/1/96.

James S. Britell