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Why Some Grassroots Campaigns Succeed And Others Fail

Most campaigns Today don’t do any of the things successful grassroots leaders of the past said you must always do, while doing all the things they said you mustn’t. But all of their tools and guides are always embedded in a few foundational principles which are indispensable in any campaign which seeks a long-term impact.

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Misconceptions About Lobbying Representatives and Agencies

Never overestimate the knowledge, intelligence, or courage of elected representatives. When a really good politician does a bad thing, there are four things activists should do:

  • Ask them to explain exactly why they did it.
  • Tell them you are very disappointed.
  • Ask them not to do it again.
  • Forget it.

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Modern Biology and Ecology: The Roots Of America’s Assertive Illiteracy

The 2016 election elevated Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos—major supporters of teaching creationism—to the vice presidency and leadership of the U.S. Department of Education, respectively. DeVos is a billionaire funder of efforts to pass state laws that give science teachers the right to present anti-evolution materials in science classrooms under the guise of protecting academic freedom. At every political level, from local school boards to the U.S. Department of Education, anti-evolution advocates are active and gaining ground.

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Prerequisite to Grassroots Campaigns Facing Impossible Odds

A grassroots campaign against a powerful foe is a battle where your best source of ammunition is data you weaponize into persuasive information, and the simplest way to collect, organize and mobilize data is to put it in a case file created specifically for the issue. Opening a file means simply starting a new electronic or paper file and giving it a name. In that file, you put notes, clippings, photos, observations, contacts, notes of meetings and telephone calls, and other data pertaining to the issue.

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