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Secrets of Dealing With Public Employees

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as both an insider and outsider is this: Environmental advocates always have a better chance of influencing government decisions when they develop good personal relations with the relevant government officials. Although this seems obvious, activists often assume an adversarial posture when dealing with bureaucrats, which greatly reduces the prospects for success.

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Lessons From America’s Greatest Grassroots Campaigns

IN THE LAST 125 YEARS, AMERICAN GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNS HAVE forced legislatures to pass laws on women’s suffrage, social security, civil rights, wilderness, clean air, and clean water. In each of these campaigns public opinion was mobilized to compel elected officials to pass measures politicians and corporations abhorred. Although all these campaigns used similar strategies and tactics, yesterday’s proven organizing methods are rarely found in today’s campaigns, except in vanishingly diminished form.

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