– Cave Man Chief Appeals for Moratorium on Fire

cave man and woman with fire


Today, Grog, the esteemed leader of the Rock Smashers tribe, issued a call to all tribal leaders to consider a moratorium on the use of fire for the next six moons. Grog’s appeal comes in response to the recent discovery of fire by the Flint Finders tribe and the potential dangers associated with its use.

In his appeal, Grog outlined several concerns regarding the use of fire, including uncontrolled blazes, smoke and air pollution, dependence on fire, conflicts and power struggles, and loss of traditional skills. Grog urged all tribal leaders to join him in a moratorium on the use of fire, giving tribes time to study its potential consequences and determine if it is truly a gift from the gods or a curse that will bring destruction upon all.

As a leader of the Stone Age, Grog understands the importance of preserving the traditional way of life and protecting the people. He believes that a moratorium on the use of fire will ensure the safety and well-being of all tribes, preserving the knowledge and skills passed down through generations.

Grog’s call to action is both timely and necessary, and all tribal leaders are urged to consider his appeal carefully. Together, tribal leaders can protect their people and preserve their way of life for generations to come.

For further information, please find a messenger bird and attach your questions to its leg. The bird knows the way to the Rock Smashers’ camp, where Grog will be waiting for your messages. Alternatively, if birds are not your thing, you may raise a large smoke signal near your campsite, and a Rock Smashers’ scout will come to your location. Please remember to use the three-puff smoke signal for non-emergency communications.


Rock Smashers Tribe Communications Liaison:
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