– Organize to Win is now available in a print edition which includes volumes 1-3. 463pp, $16.59

Lessons from hundreds of grassroots campaigns. A step-by-step guide to making change. Jim Britell, environmental activist and political organizer, shares what he has learned during 30 years helping local groups to organize and run effective campaigns.Organize To Win is a series of three books that distill lessons from hundreds of grassroots campaigns to show how anyone can stop bad projects. These guides lead you step-by-step through the minefields citizens, who try to effect change in their communities, must navigate.

Leading a successful grassroots campaign involves organizing people, holding meetings, writing letters, being interviewed, and negotiating with trained professionals and lawyers. You will be advocating in regulatory and political settings that your opponents have mastered. These books will teach you lessons learned from hundreds of campaigns in which ordinary people protected old growth forests, stopped destructive gold mining, prevented giveaways of public land, and halted proposed landfills.

Volume 1 on getting started, raising money, how to write alerts and generate letters, prepare for meetings, negotiate with decision-makers, lobby decision-makers, participate in planning and land use processes, and hundreds of other things organizers need to know. It also explains how to avoid the mistakes that lead to failed campaigns. 

Volume 2 Continues with human, political, ethical problems campaigns will encounter; rethinking Earth Day; education vs. activism; rethinking wilderness campaigns.

Volume 3 Includes, lessons from great grassroots campaigns, philosophical issues involved with activism, myths about consensus and win-win.