– Organize To Win Vol. 3 now available to download

Vol. 3 is the last volume in the series Organize To Win. It makes an argument that by any metric such as number of speeches given, letters written, groups mobilized, meetings held, press releases issued, etc., today’s wilderness campaigns are waged with perhaps 1% or less of the vigor and intensity of grassroots campaigns before the 70’s.  It explains in detail how regional and national social and environmental campaigns were far more effectively conceived, managed and organized before the current era.  This volume also exposes how pervasive ahistorical myths about the nature and history of conflict, group decision making, politics, consensus, and collaboration have reduced much would be activism into a misguided enabling.

This volume will help local activists both prepare campaigns and avoid common mistakes which reduce their effectiveness. It explains why some campaigns fail, why some campaigns initially win only to have successes later reversed, and how to avoid campaigns which simply move your problems to someone else’s undefended neighborhood. It analyzes why many non-profits whose mission is to uplift humanity and make the world better place are terrible places to work and what to do when you are stuck in one.

Please forward this post to local grassroots conservation chairs and environmental campaign managers.

The PDF download can be read on your computer or opened in Kindle or other Ebook readers. Chapters cover:

  • – lessons from all America’s great grassroots campaigns
  • – The Devils Environmental Dictionary
  • – The problem with partnerships and roundtables
  • – The myth of win-win
  • – The problem with consensus groups
  • – Why non-profits are so poorly managed
  • – Case study of the greatest grassroots wilderness campaign

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