The most difficult aspect of teaching people how to successfully challenge government and run grassroots campaigns is helping people unlearn the myths they have been taught about government, politics and life.

JIm shows you how to stop a bad project in your community even though it is supported 1,000 percent by every federal, state and local politician; government agency; school board; chamber of commerce; real estate developer; large landowner; and corporation for a hundred miles in all directions. Jim distills the experiences and lessons learned from hundreds of grassroots environmental and political campaigns and extracts the most important things you need to know to be successful. Nothing in Jim’s writings was learned from a book; it was all learned the hard way by successes and failures in real campaigns

Even if you may have little or no idea how government decision making is done, have never been involved in “politics,” have never written articles or dealt with newspapers, have never lobbied anyone about anything or ever done any activism and may even be afraid of public speaking, Jim shows you how to conduct your campaign without selling yourself or your group to a foundation or agreeing to sacrifice somebody else’s backyard to protect yours.